Caring for Your Battery

Regardless of the season, your car battery may require attention.

While Interstate’s automotive, commercial, and marine/RV batteries are considered maintenance-free products under normal operating conditions, extreme changes in temperature may require your battery be checked more frequently to make sure you're not left stranded.

Use our Dealer Locator to find one of 200,000 Interstate Dealer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada where you can have your battery tested.

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Four Car Care
Items Every Driver
Should Have:
Jump Starter
SKU: CHG0010
Jump starters are the quickest, safest way to resuscitate your car battery and get back on the road.
Battery Tester
Midtronics car battery testers provide a complete picture of your battery’s condition.
Car Repair
SKU: LIG0104
This compact light features 60 and 17 super bright LEDs for powerful illumination. Has a built-in hanging clip and rubber grip handle.
Emergency LED
Safety Flare
SKU: LIG0149
The Emergency LED Safety Flare is a great addition to personal safety equipment for any motorist in an event of a breakdown or accident. Visible up to 10 miles.